Bio / Artist statement

Self Portrait 1


Petros Nikolaides is an award-winning fine art landscape/travel photographer based in Nicosia, Cyprus. He studied General History at Ionian University in Corfu, Greece. He continued his studies at the same university, where he took his Master degree in Palaeography and Publishing. In 2016 he took his second Master degree in Design and Photography from Middlesex University.

His passion to pursue happiness in life and satisfaction for anyone who sees and respects his artwork has taken him to many countries such as Scotland, Ireland, Greece and Iceland. His atmospheric landscape images, his surrealistic and emotional way of thinking, the drama that unfolds through his photos can describe not only his artworks but also the photographer himself.


Pablo Picasso once said: You have to learn the rules in order to break them like an artist.

If you come across with some of my photos you will notice some technical aspects that refer to landscape photography composition such as depth of field, the rule of thirds, leading lines, foreground interest. These elements combined with long exposed skies and water create a conversation between these elements. In conclusion, a story unfolds through the viewer's eyes.

Have you ever thought why you photograph a landscape? The sunrise or the sunset? The mountain range or the sea waves? The answer is simple. Human beings were born in nature from the beginning of time and one day they will return back to it. When we photograph a landscape or a seascape is like expressing the feeling to connect, to return back to nature, back to the place that we were born, back to the place where we belong.

Every human being sees and interprets differently the world that surrounds him. It is a matter of pure aesthetics of each person individually. The final result is determined through the cooperation of human aesthetics in relation to the technological means available and knowledge of the same human in relation to them.

For me photography is emotion. You have to feel the world that surrounds you in order to create. So close your eyes, feel the wind that blows into your hair, feel the sound of the waves in the sea, feel the ground you are standing on, feel the sun rays that try to pass from your closed eyes. Understand nature’s elements. Try to capture the feeling and not what you see in front of you. Only then you can call yourself a landscape photographer.

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