Bio / Artist statement

Self Portrait 1


Petros Nikolaides was born in 1980 in Nicosia, Cyprus and is based there to this day. He studied General History at Ionian University in Corfu and then went on to attain a masters degree in Palaeography and Publishing at the same university. Always eager to learn, he continued his studies and achieved a second masters in Design and Photography from Middlesex University.

He is now an award–winning fine art landscape photographer with numerous publications in photography and travel magazines, teaching private photography lessons, organising private photo tours and tutoring landscape photography in various colleges and photography associations.

Petros’ passion to pursue happiness in life and satisfaction for anyone who seeks and respects his artwork has taken him around the world. His atmospheric landscapes are enhanced by his surreal and emotional way of thinking. The result is dramatic imagery which reflects not only his artistic talent but also embodies his underlying personality.


Pablo Picasso once said: You have to learn the rules in order to break them like an artist.

If you come across with some of my early years photos you will notice the standard technical aspects related to landscape photography composition such as depth of field, rule of thirds, leading lines, and foreground interest. Combined with long exposure skies and water, a conversation is created between all of these elements, and story unfolds through the viewer’s eyes.

After years of travelling and photographing the landscapes of this world, I realised that Photography is beyond rules, that Photography is emotion. That you have to feel the world surrounding you in order to create. Just close your eyes, feel the wind that blows through your hair, feel the ground you are standing on, feel the sun’s rays trying to pass through your closed eyes. Try to capture the feeling and not just what you see in front of you.

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